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About Us

Collagen Experts is an anti-aging, beauty and wellness company which was established with the aim of providing top quality products which are effective and safe to use.

The team behind Collagen Experts has solid experience in the beauty industry and has selected to represent a superior line of products made in France which contain top quality ingredients and are clinically proven for their effectiveness and safety.

Currently our company offers 7 amazing products from the brand Collagen Lift Paris, 3 types of drinkable collagen, a daily supplement for hair and 4 types of serums. Soon we will be expanding our portfolio with more amazing products.

Meet Beatriz

About Us

Beatriz Savva heads up international sales for Collagen Experts. She has been working with the company since 2019 and has built up extensive knowledge and experience working with beauty and wellness products. She is always engaged in vigorous research and overviews the expanding of our portfolio with new quality products that are proven to be effective and safe to use.

Beatriz works closely with beauty salons, dermatologists and cosmetologists whom have incorporated Collagen Lift Paris products with great success. She believes in honest and long term business relationships, so she always strives for professionalism and excellence.

You can contact Beatriz for any questions regarding our existing range of products or if you are interested in distributing our existing line of products in your country.